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Love Blazing Swan Art

The one thing I am most grateful for in this life is the community of amazing magical beings that my rainbow family are apart of.  The people who come into our lives, spread their love and rainbows, inspiring us to move together, share passions and energies, and just be ourselves in a safe, sacred space. This is the one thing that holds us together as a family, our extended family.

This past two weeks has been an overwhelming bubble of joy whilst we have spent our time at festivals with some of the best communities, working together I have seen.Mandala Yoga

Last year I was lucky enough to be apart of the very first Blazing Swan Burn, Inception, and it changed my life for ever more. This year even with illness and just a short visit, it still lived up to my expectations.

With the Om Wagon packed with sweet little surprise “Festival Care Packages” gifted by Mr Rainbow, we were ready to go. Laura from Lulinagh Earth (My Om Wagon Sistar and unicorn horn wearing dance partner), Cranked the tunes and set off on our way to Jilikan Rock City, Kulin.

We read the 10 principles and jumped joyfully over the line leaving the old world behind us. This place has etched its magic into my heart once again. This place was alive and buzzing. 

The huge Swan effigy, the amazing art everywhere I turn, Swan Henge, The temple, the beats, the vibes and most of all, the people. I was to offer a few yoga classes in the mornings at the Kaleidoscope camp before breakfast but unfortunately fell ill. Kaleidoscope still got their yoga on regardless of my absence as the people freely joined in union to breathe together. Word soon got around that Rainbow Pammy was feeling grey and the gifts, herbs, concoctions, hugs and love came flowing in. I was overwhelmed with the spirit of the burn wanting to cheer me up.

Blazing SwanTears grew thick as it was time for me to head off and leave this place I call home. I was heart broken to have to leave early but rest was much needed. Laura was kind enough to take the wheel of the Om Wagon and get me safely back to Rainbow Hollow.

Blazing Swan awaits for us next year and I crave to be with my Burn Family once again.

Then we arrived at Fairbridge Festival, my favourite family friendly music event. This festival has had a special place in my heart for the past five years. Rainbow Yogis has been lucky enough to participate in this wonderful event for 4 years now and hope to have many more to come.

We set up camp surrounded by artists the Harikrishnas and musicians, Rainbowed up and got our yoga on.  The sky was touch and go all weekend with refreshing light showers and warm sun shining through the clouds. We openend our circle on the Belfast Lawn with many beautiful and eager little yogis. We were stretching, breathing, laughing and bending when we were surprised with the biggest downpoor of rain I have seen. It was very excitting and whilst Rainbow Pammy ran to a nearby tree for some shelter, the children enjoyed the rain, running around and dancing on the yoga mats. This made my heart smile and whilst our session was interrupted, it was one of the most beautiful classes ever. With the rain came the most epic of muddy puddles I have seen.

We all love muddy puddles. In between jumping in puddles my older Rainbows enjoyed busking. They formed friendships over the weekend and joined a band where they spent most of their time performing to all the punters.

The children’s art tents were always full and busy with amazing art like felting, sewing, and making lanterns for the lantern parade. Fairbridge Festival is such a  child friendly safe environment for families and I recommend it to everyone.Fairbridge Festival

The Thursday after Fairbridge Rainbow Yogis was invited to play at the Warnbro Library. Here we were welcomed with 28 little yogis, all rainbowed up and ready to enjoy an hour Rainbow Yogis Yoga Adventure. This was super fun and energetic. Thank you to the Rockingham Council for having me along for this school holiday event.Warnbro Library Yoga

Now that Festival season is done and my heart is full I can smile and bring some of the goodness we experienced into our everyday.





Rainbow Pammy
Rainbow Pammy is a certfied Ashtanga Yoga Instructor and children’s development specialist with over 20 years experience as a qualifed child care worker, teacher’s aide and mother. She developed Rainbow Yogis by taking her years of experience working with children, a love of the environment, plus a lifelong obsession with yoga and smooshing it all together!

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