Be a lamp unto yourself


Yoga is an action, a self enquiry, cultivating wellness and moving us towards stillness.  In yoga we can become more aware (samskara) of our thoughts, our words, actions, habits and our character.  Our character becomes who we are and when we practice, we learn to become a witness (svadyaya) to our true self. Through this increasing awareness we learn to move forward without expectation or judgement.

Along with our asana (yogic postures) we practice pranayama (controlling the breath), meditation, mantra and affirmation to connect us to a holistic wellness practice. We aim to transcend our focus beyond the external body and consciousness to a deeper internal, cellular level of well being.

Yoga is a place where we can connect with the divine.

A homecoming to our true self.

When you do things from the Soul,
you feel a river moving in you.
A joy.

~ Rumi


A meditation practice can close off inner conflict and bring you back to nature.

Science has proven that the practise of meditation encourages you to step into a conscious state of rest, drawing your body into a place of healing and wellness.

Finding stillness releases stress and tension, clearing disease and encouraging a healthy mental and emotional outlook.



A mindfulness practice opens up your highest visions, cultivating awareness, intuition, perception, creativity, wisdom and inspiration.

Mindfulness brings you to the present moment, the place where we are exactly supposed to be.

Rainbow Hollow Kid’s Yoga Tribe

Rainbow Hollow, together with Kids Yoga Tribe, is an ever growing, conscious and mindful community of families and friends who live the yoga lifestyle everyday.

Here we teach and share tools of mindfulness for growing a conscious generation:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Social and emotional development by encouraging interaction
  • Encouraging children’s creativity and confidence
  • Teaching the foundations of yoga by developing physical skills and health living practices
    • Balance
    • Strength and flexibility
    • Pranayama
    • Nutrition
  • Guided visualisations with centring and calming techniques to develop Focus and Mindfulness
  • Exploration and discovery
  • A sense of community and belonging!



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Rainbow Pammy Set to Empower Children Worldwide

New kids yoga video, Bali Jungle Adventure is out now.