Rainbow Hollow Village
Mindful Garden Programs

Planting the Seeds to Grow a Conscious Generation

Rainbow Hollow Mindful Garden Village is founded off the back of a yogic philosophy, permaculture principles, nature and outdoor learning. A homebased, urban garden space nestled amongst the trees in the Perth Hills.

Can you imagine a school where children can learn naturally, at their own pace, where the classroom is a garden full of food, trees and animals. Where the environment is so rich in learning opportunities that mindful moments of peace and gratitude become the daily norm, where we practice yoga, ceremony and create art.

A garden based, nature and yoga school?

Rainbow Pammy has worked with children for over 20 years as an early childhood carer/educator and along with this a qualified yoga and mindfulness facilitator.

After Rainbow Hollow yurt was built 5 years ago, her mindful in nature programs and art journaling workshops encouraged us to grow our community even more.

Our vision for Rainbow Hollow is to create in alignment with nature and the seasons a holistic conscious village for children and families to thrive, learn and develop a connection to the land and through this a connection to themselves.

With outdoor learning, unassisted play, mindfulness, rewilding, ceremony, traditions and nature based programs, permaculture, garden based learning, yoga classes, art journaling, mindful clay therapy and homeschool space, we are creating a community to gather and live a more mindful, slow and gentle way of life.

We are all one!

We endeavour to bring colour, love and light to little yogis throughout the community. Our Rainbow Family are living proof of how yoga can be part of the positive change families need. You can see just how easy it can be with just a few simple steps to a brighter outlook on life.

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