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  • Sale! Book Cover - Rainbow Warriors and the Golden Bow - Hardcover

    Get ready for an exciting expedition off your yoga mat and into the wilderness.
    This book by yoga instructor, Rainbow Pammy, has been designed to encourage kids to take their yoga practice out into nature. Developing a greater awareness of the environment, an appreciation of its beauty and the importance of their own place in it.

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  • Rainbow Yogis Poster - Sun Salute - Surya Namaskara A - Close up 1

    This beautiful poster has been specially designed by Rainbow Pammy, with illustrations by Kate Gillett, to help teach kids the basic Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salute (Surya Namaskara A).

    Printed in full colour A2 Plus size (500mm x 735mm) on 250gsm card.

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  • Kids Yoga Affirmation Cards

    45 full colour flash cards. Each card has photographic images and directions for yoga poses or sequences with an uplifting affirmation to inspire confidence, motivation and self love. On the back are instructions from certified yoga practitioner, Rainbow Pammy! 🙂

    PLEASE NOTE: These are shipped from our US-based Warehouse which may effect your delivery time.

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